Ice-cream seller: distributing happiness

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I like ice-creams. It’s not a surprise because I have a sweet teeth. .. people who know me they usually know.

I always think that ice-cream sellers are selling ice-creams… with happiness. Everyone is happy with an ice-cream! It’s hard to see a unhappy person eating an ice-cream. I’m sure that you can find someone, but not easy, right? Everyone looks like a happy kid joyfully eating!

I think that the reasons are that it’s something sweet (good!) but also ephemeral. It’s not like a chocolate that can last some days. And usually they are eaten when the weather is nice… or the weather is not so nice but the ice-cream eater is in a warm place. Which is also nice!

Some time ago I was a guest to a house. I remember that I bought a soft ice-cream for each person in that house and the picture of all each one 5 eating their ice-cream is priceless.


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  1. Sherry ha dit:

    really nice post! I agree with u, I’m a sweet teeth too, crazy of ice-cream and chocolate!

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