Capital Ring finished

Almost a year after finishing the London LOOP (see the post) I’ve now finished the Capital Ring!

Capital Ring is a hike around London, usually about 10 miles (16 Km) far away from Trafalgar Square. Easy to reach by public transport, stages are about 10 Km each. Quite flat sadly.

My resources were:

Luphen’s website […]

Foreign travel advice: Spain

A few months ago I was researching how safe it is to travel to a few countries. I used the Foreign Travel Advice webpage from the British government.

I thought to do a bit of “quality control” of their information. What do they say about countries that I know well?

So I went to read […]

London LOOP finished

Last June I mentioned in another blog post: on the last weekend of April I started the London LOOP (London Outer Orbital Circle).

In the first weekend of October I finished it! 240 Km, 15 stages (officially 23 stages but I followed a book that divided it into 15 stages).

The London LOOP has been […]

London-Barcelona metro unexpected differences

There are many webpages talking about the London Underground. The oldest in the world, very iconical, unused stations, etc.

Here I just want to compare a few things between the London Underground and Barcelona metro.

One of the subtle differences is the escalator speed. Yes, the escalators in the London Underground are noticeably faster than […]

Archipelago Restaurant: exotic restaurant

Recently, a few colleagues from work went to Archipelago Restaurant. This is a really different restaurant!

The menu has meat from unusual animals: zebra, python, crocodile, bugs, grasshoppers, etc.

Everything is cooked in the western style. The ingredients are different but the result is a familiar to what our taste buds are used to. The […]

London Loop – 4 stages

On the The Saturday Walkers’ Club (I mentioned it on another post) I found the London LOOP.

The London LOOP is a hike around London. LOOP in this context means London Outer Orbital Path. It’s bout 220 Km. originally in 23 stages but nowadays it’s commonly done in 15 stages -a popular guide book divided […]

The Cambridge Centre for Computing History (computer museum)

On Saturday I went to the new Cambridge Centre for Computing History. Or just.. The Computer Museum.

Hats off to this museum! If you are interested in computers you should really go to the Computing History museum in Cambridge and also to the The National Museum of Computing in Bletchley, which is convenient because Bletchley […]

Mendeley: hiring C++ software engineer

We are hiring for different positions at Mendeley (now part of Elsevier). In the team where I work we are hiring a C++/Qt software engineer (see other positions). The C++/Qt position is to further develop Mendeley Desktop, which works on Windows, Linux and Mac.

See the official job description, but bear in mind that we […]

Waiter? To wait. Patient: to patience

On the last couple of entries I wrote about waiters. I remembered about something that I sometimes think… why some word is that word?

Why a “waiter” is called a waiter? My guess is that because they wait. They wait that someone orders something, they wait for the kitchen to finish something, etc.

And a […]

Is everything ok? (Restaurant)

Some weeks ago I went to a French grill nice restaurant. Nice as good food, service, etc. In the City of London. It was a cold Sunday, 1pm, so the restaurant was empty. Later one it was quite full, and I guess that on the working days is completely full (lunch meetings and so on).