Mendeley: hiring C++ software engineer

We are hiring for different positions at Mendeley (now part of Elsevier). In the team where I work we are hiring a C++/Qt software engineer (see other positions). The C++/Qt position is to further develop Mendeley Desktop, which works on Windows, Linux and Mac.

See the official job description, but bear in mind that we are a bit flexible (if in doubt just apply). You can contact me at if you have any questions. If you apply please mention that you come from Carles/Pintant, thank you!

I’ve been working for Mendeley quite a while, now part of Elsevier. See Pintant for hackdays entries: once a month we have a hackday and occasionally I’ve written some posts.

Working at Mendeley is good fun and often challenging. We use many free software tools, we publish some free software things at Github (and I hope to publish even more in the future). I hope that you will like the colleagues.

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