Twitter2Rss in Python (and how I use Twitter)

When Twitter stopped serving RSS feeds, around May 2013 I think, I implemented a small and light Python Twitter-API to RSS proxy. It connects to Twitter using their API, reads the Tweets and generates RSS or Json.

The Json output is similar to the output served by the Twitter API but if you use this […]

Hackday: teaching Python to non-programmers

At Mendeley we have one hackday a month. One day, every month, we can do whatever we want more or less related to our jobs, technologies, etc.

Some months ago I thought that it could be interesting to teach Python to the non-programmers (business, HR, etc.). I wanted them to understand what we do all […]

Mendeley Calibre plugin

At Mendeley we do one hackday a month. It’s very cool: we do what we want (vaguely related to Mendeley) to experiment with new technologies, approaches. Free thinking!

During 2 or 3 hackdays i started doing a Calibre plugin to import Mendeley documents into Calibre. And then from Calibre to your ebook… in just one […]

Music visualization

At Mendeley, once a month, we have a hackday. I usually try to think something different to do, for example using our data or our Open-API in a different and new way. So far I’ve built one game, a screensaver, a file system… and also a music/sound generator!


Screensaver for KDE using Python and Pygame

At Mendeley we have already done two hackdays. That’s a quite interesting event: during a period of time (the first one was on Friday until late night or overnight, second one Saturday and Sunday) we do whatever we want to do, it only needs to be a bit related to Mendeley.

On the last hack […]