Icehack in Cambridge: report

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I was going to attend an Icehack in Cambridge.

This happened yesterday and I had good fun, learnt a few things (about British Antarctic Survey and about IPython-notebook), meet nice people, had enough food for dinner (and, OMG, even fresh fruit besides the mandatory hack-pizza).

Thanks very much […]

Slides benches at #geomob

Two weeks ago I mentioned that I was going to present the Benches app at #geomob London. Now I’m on the #geomob London wall of fame.

The presentation went well! The slides are available online. A few slides need some explanation but you can get the gist of the presentation.

#geomob London: benches

Some time ago I mentioned the Benches app iOS. See that blog post.

This Thursday I’ll speak about it on #geomob London. It’s free to attend.

Also, feel free to re-tweet it.

Ubuntu shampoo

Ubuntu is a well known GNU/Linux distribution. As I mentioned here it’s also a softdrink: Ubuntu cola.

Just recently I was told that there is Ubuntu shampoo! I bought it and here it is:

Find Mendeley users

I haven’t written anything here for 3 weeks and a bit… but not because I didn’t do anything – quite the opposite, I finished or almost finished some projects.

First small project: a simple Web page so Mendeley users can add themselves on a map: find Mendeley users (we haven’t publicized it from Mendeley so […]

Driving in UK: slow

Last weekend I went to Northern Ireland, which was my second time driving a car in the UK.

This time I was really relaxed and I found it almost as easy as on my usual side, probably because I’ve been living in London for 5 years and my brain has been re-wired for the other […]

Programmers on their knees

A colleague maintains the webpage Programmers on their knees. I really like it! Many of the pictures are from our office. I’m featured in a few places.

An open closed shop

A few days ago I saw in Brussels:

The shop was closed and had a sign saying that it’s open and no other information about opening times… so the sign says that it’s open when it’s open and also says that it’s open when it’s closed. It either says something true and useless, or […]

The Big Bang Theory: Bernadette song

Bernadette song: The Big Bang Theory

This is one of the top-10 moments of The Big Bang Theory:

I liked the lyrics, the singing… everything!

And after this song I had to go and listen to some of the songs of Helen Arney, such as:

As you might know I like Festival of […]

The Cambridge Centre for Computing History (computer museum)

On Saturday I went to the new Cambridge Centre for Computing History. Or just.. The Computer Museum.

Hats off to this museum! If you are interested in computers you should really go to the Computing History museum in Cambridge and also to the The National Museum of Computing in Bletchley, which is convenient because Bletchley […]