Find Mendeley users

I haven’t written anything here for 3 weeks and a bit… but not because I didn’t do anything – quite the opposite, I finished or almost finished some projects.

First small project: a simple Web page so Mendeley users can add themselves on a map: find Mendeley users (we haven’t publicized it from Mendeley so there are almost no users, but if you have a Mendeley account it’s easy to add yourself: sign in and move the marker).

I started it “just for fun” at home, then See Wah and I kept working on it during a hackday at Mendeley. See Wah then kept working on it on another hackday for the UI/UX (User Interface and User Experience) (I’m not good designing UI and UX). And on the last hackday and a few more changes after that the map is live!

This is the first time that I’ve released something that uses MongoDB (it fits the data model that I needed really well). And for hosting I use Heroku… I really liked to used Heroku for the first time, and it was really easy to implement.

So: find Mendeley users

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