PyCon UK 2016

Like the last few years (2013, 2014 and 2015) I’ve been to the PyCon UK 2016. This year, 2016, it was in Cardiff instead of Coventry. Next year, 2017, it will be in Cardiff again.

It was in the City Hall in Cardiff. An excellent location! much bigger (well, some room could have been bigger). […]

Web Atlas de Barcelona

A la Universitat Catalana d’Estiu (veure l’entrada sobre la bona experiència allà) vàrem assistir a la presentació d’una Web.

Era la Web de l’Atles de Barcelona. Una Web MOLT interessant per qui, com jo, li agradi mapes i mapes històrics.

Tal com van explicar conté mapes de Barcelona del 1700 i més nous amb explicacions […]

Universitat Catalana d’Estiu – voluntari a l’aula d’informàtica

Aquest estiu, ara ja fa gairebé 6 setmanes, vàrem anar amb en Mecatxis a la Universitat Catalana d’Estiu (UCE a partir d’ara). Fa molts anys, uns 10, la UCE va convidar a Catux a muntar l’aula d’informàtica, WiFi i xarxes allà. Des de llavors, gairebé cada any en Mecatxis de Catux hi va i l’UCE […]

Namibia: handy things

I had many things with me in Namibia… I’ll only mention a few things that either surprised me how useful were or I think that some people might not have them.

OsmAnd OsmAnd is an Android/iPhone app (I’ve only used the Android version). I’ve written about it here before, and is very useful when planning […]

Namibia: lodges, how many nights

If you don’t want to read it all: our favourite lodge was Erongo Wilderness Lodge. Every minute there is special! (walking, the room or eating).

Erongo Wilderness lodge As said before: it was our favourite one. The room was very good, the service, guided walks, food was very good, afternoon tea, etc. Only one thing: […]

Namibia: everything is slow (and interesting!)

One of the things that happened in Namibia is that everything there is slow. It took a few days to get adjusted to that. People talking, check in, out, renting a car, filling up with fuel, buying from the supermarket… and the animals!

I haven’t watched animal documentaries for a while but I remember a […]

Namibia: I wish I had known

Earlier this year I went to Namibia. And I had such a good time! Obviously, like almost every first time going anywhere , there were some things that I wish I had known.

Ants One of the things I wish I had known is that Namibian ants really go after Catalan nuts (and I’m […]

Namibia: recommendations travel company

If you don’t want to read everything: all of this is to say that The Cardbox Box travel shop was amazing and helped us to organise our trip to Namibia. If you go to Namibia: don’t hesitate and use it!

When we started planning Namibia we were a bit confused: what to do, where to […]

Icehack in Cambridge: report

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I was going to attend an Icehack in Cambridge.

This happened yesterday and I had good fun, learnt a few things (about British Antarctic Survey and about IPython-notebook), meet nice people, had enough food for dinner (and, OMG, even fresh fruit besides the mandatory hack-pizza).

Thanks very much […]

Icehack in Cambridge (14th March)

In 2 weeks, on 7th March 2016, the Cambridge Science Festival will start. It’s 2 weeks or science talks, workshops, activities… and hackathons! In Cambridge of course.

Many of the events are free to attend but require a ticket booking. Have a look at the webpage to see what’s available. There are talks about many […]