Namibia: everything is slow (and interesting!)

One of the things that happened in Namibia is that everything there is slow. It took a few days to get adjusted to that. People talking, check in, out, renting a car, filling up with fuel, buying from the supermarket… and the animals!

I haven’t watched animal documentaries for a while but I remember a few documentaries from the past. What I didn’t remember is how slow things are. How slow the giraffes are going to the waterhole for example. I remember arriving at a waterhole and seeing 2 giraffes far away slowly coming to the waterhole. If I were a giraffe I think that I would jog to the waterhole, look around, drink water, jog away. Well, it’s not this way! They walk very slowly to the waterhole (taking easily 15 minutes from where they were). One giraffe drinks, the other one still hasn’t arrived. Just to go to the giraffe drinking position it takes a few minutes. Giraffe drinks, stops, looks, drinks… another 15 minutes easily. Then the other giraffe also does it… they wait for each other. Then leave, slowly again, calmly… another 15 minutes. The giraffe show took at least 45 minutes .

This is the same with other animals, they are not in a hurry… hippopotamus, elephants, even zebras in the evening seem to act this way. This is something that I didn’t imagine based on the documentaries: where a cameraman spends months in the waterhole and shows the best pictures.

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  • Filynla! This is just what I was looking for.

  • Thanks for the interesting post Dick.I would add that although most organizations do use a 5-point rating scale, we see improvements in how fast and objectively managers can choose a rating by adding a long behavioural statement specific to each competency beyond a standard scale such as “fully successful”. By making it explicit what that looks like for each competency the manager does not need to spend as much time trying to work out and justify each rating.

  • Hey hey hey, take a gander at what’ you’ve done

  • Hi Christina – Yes they watch a British programme (maybe Grand designs, I’ll check) and have been wanting to build their own house for years – so it really is a dream realised. I will show photos of the house in the next two weeks or so – they are doing a lot of clearing and tiling this week and next and hopefully the pool will be ready soon too. Your offer is incredibly generous and kind … we are so excited (Daughter & I). I am sending you a mail shortly – Thank you SO much!!

  • That’s a sensible answer to a challenging question

  • Wow, reminds me of the movie Princess Diaries! Can you imagine having a collection large enough for one of this gorgeous safes? I would wear them with everything.I know that you have enjoyed the week. Lucky you.Teresaxoxo

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