#geomob London: benches

Some time ago I mentioned the Benches app iOS. See that blog post.

This Thursday I’ll speak about it on #geomob London. It’s free to attend.

Also, feel free to re-tweet it.

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  • That’s 2 clever by half and 2×2 clever 4 me. Thnska!

  • […] weeks ago I mentioned that I was going to present the Benches app at #geomob London. Now I’m on the #geomob London […]

  • I have read the book. I think he was brutalised and treated worse than what he need to be. I think he was mislead because when you are young u do stupid things I believe every person has the right to a second chance in life he did wrong but he was mislead over the power of money. I believe that every person should read this book before drug trafficking because you will get an I dear that the punishment out ways the money made 12 years of your life over a few thousand dollars.

  • Love it!Love HD…and the free greens. We have used them for years for our FREE greens.Just a tip…before you fashion your wreaths, etc., put a fresh cut on the branch and soak the greens in water with a little "sprite". Do this overnight. It helps keep the greens GREEN and fresh longer. (Learned this in a class in PA…"Williamsburg Decorating".Hugs,J

  • A i jeszcze pytanie, dlaczego już nie sprzedajesz genialnej książki- “Pitaval prowincjonalny”, której tak tu zaciekle broniÅ‚eÅ›? Aż siÄ™ rozpÅ‚akaÅ‚eÅ› i wmawiaÅ‚eÅ› że koÅ„czysz z pisaniem bo nikt jej nie chciaÅ‚ kupić. Już nie pamiÄ™tasz?

  • sach bhavnayen nek hon aur dil mein samvedana ho to banjar bhi aawad ban muskarata hai ..bahut sundar sarthak prastuti hetu aabhar!

  • Oh wow this is utterly gorgeous, I'm so loving that colour combo will have to try that myself. Those snowflakes are just beautiful a very elegant card I say. Have a great day, take care Ann-Marie xxx

  • I take Michelin with a giant pinch of salt. I know that certain places e.g. Tayyabs, Mien Tay etc will never get a star but when Launceston Place is continually ignored then something is most definitely rotten in the state of Denmark.

  • Mă refeream la articol. ÃŽl personificam. Dar cred că o dată ce scrii la revista asta devii imun la figuri de stil. Sunt folosite mult prea des.

  • “Vart är vyerna om Europa spel? Vart finns femte växeln? Sjöhage? Snälla, dÃ¥ är ju mackan tio gÃ¥nger bättre, och han inte väl ingen toppspelare direkt!”Sjöhage skulle förstärka vÃ¥rat anfall, inget snack om saken. Han den bästa svenska forwarden efter henke i allsvenskan.

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