Waiter? To wait. Patient: to patience

On the last couple of entries I wrote about waiters. I remembered about something that I sometimes think… why some word is that word?

Why a “waiter” is called a waiter? My guess is that because they wait. They wait that someone orders something, they wait for the kitchen to finish something, etc.

And a “patient“? Well, to me it seems that it comes from patience. Because the patients needs patience to recover. Usually, as a patient, you find yourself waiting (waiting for the doctor’s visit, the result…).

And why a “director” (director of a company) is called director? My guess is that because they should provide with… directions. The direction to where the company is going. That’s the reason that when different directors give different directions… something doesn’t work!

Ah! What about “Sunday”? Well, maybe it’s supposed to be a “Sunny day”? Monday could be “Cloday” -for cloud day

I don’t have any idea about etymology… sometimes I think too much. It’s just playing word games.

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