May I have your bag?

I usually go everywhere with my backpack. Mainly everyday, since 2006, with the same backpack (a Targus one. Last year it got broken -my bad- and I bought the same model).

When, for some reason, I don’t carry the backpack, I always miss something that I have there (the bottle of water, USB Stick, a cereal bar, etc.).

On the last entry I wrote about that nice restaurantt and attentive restaurant and I remembered about the backpack and some restaurants. They always try to get it from me!

Usually the dialogue goes like:
-May I get you coat?
(my “coat” is usually a jacket, but well)
-Yes, here it is
(in that point I need to get something like the tissues or something else)
-May I get your backpack?
-No, I’ll keep
-Don’t worry, Sir, we will keep for you
(funny enough: if it gets lost they don’t usually accept any responsibilities)
-No, I prefer to keep it

I usually want my backpack with me. I remember that during that lunch I wanted to show some books that I had in the backpack. Sometimes I have some tissues, I don’t know, something.

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  • You might be surprised how long you spend wandering the exhibitors area. You may end up carrying those four must-have books you purchased at the beginning for several hours. If your backpack or shoulder bag isn’t comfortable, you could be in a lot of pain.

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