Getting social (in Github)

Time to get more social. No, not jumping to Facebook. Or to Twitter. But I’ve been moving some code from my “private”, or a at least, not very public, Git repositories ( to my Github account (

I’ve been using github as a collaborator for some projects and I thought that was time to move some other code.

I plan to add more things soon and to improve some of the things there (specially to make it more github friendly with the and other Github conventions).

During the last year I’ve appreciated it when projects have been in Github. It makes it easier to collaborate or use them. I like an uncentralized Internet (I would not like absolutely everyone using GMail, or absolute everyone buying only from Amazon). But I think that it’s worth using Github (and one could easily setup that git to push to other servers as well).

I’m always a bit shy showing some code. Some code that I’ve pushed there is not “production ready” but just a quick way to do something. On the other hand, sometimes I’ve found that some “quick and dirty code” has been valuable for me.

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