I’m happy to have WordPress autoupdaes

I’m really happy that WordPress implemented WordPress autoupdates, a few months ago.

I have this blog since 2006, 7 years ago. When possible, I’ve always applied the WordPress updates from the dashboard, many times, during many years, without any issue (bear in mind that I hardly use any plugin in this website).

Long time ago I started programming a Ruby script, to learn Ruby, that was doing a login into my WordPress installation and checking if updates were available. I didn’t finish it (it was just a prototype). I can’t remember if it was August 2013 or August 2012. My rationale was that it always worked fine, so I should just have it.

And some months ago I saw the news: new WordPress version, with autoupdates, finally! So far so good, I’m really happy. If in 7 years the updates haven’t broken anything I hope that will not happen now. And it’s only the security updates.

I always use Debian packages for all the software, but not WordPress. I have multiple installations, and the Debian package is not updated fast enough in my opinion, for this particular case.

I also want to mention that WordPress enabled many users without technical knowledge to build quite good websites and express themselves. It played an important role making blogs more popular.

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