Python Code Dojo in the Bank of America: cool!

In June 2009 I moved to London, and shortly afterwards the London Python Code Dojo started (in September).

I’ve already written about the Dojo here (in Catalan, see my personal point of view and how it’s organized posts).

It’s one of my favourite activities here in London – very rewarding, interesting, etc.

We don’t have a fixed location: we the Fry IT offices many times. We’ve been to some cool offices: Mind Candy, The Guardian, even once at Mendeley! (and many small companies that I can’t remember at the moment, apologies).

But a special mention for an unexpectedly good one: Bank of America.

To have a few surprises of how spoilt we are there:

  • We have the usual pizza… and catering!
  • We have barmen to serve us drinks of our choice
  • They don’t try to recruit people (the first time that I step there I was afraid to be recruited by some banker)

    I’d like to also mention that Bank of America is involved, as a sponsor, in the Python Conference UK specially on the Education track. Ah! and they use Python obviously! (you already guessed that, right?).

    If I ever want to work in the finance or banking industry that will be one of the first places that I’ll look at.

    So, without forgetting all the other companies hosting the London Python Code Dojo: thanks to the unexpectedly (for some of us) good Bank of America. And please do host us again!

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