Barcelona Super Computing Centre: Mare Nostrum visits

Last month I went to Barcelona and I visited Mare Nostrum: a supercomputer in Barcelona.

For information about the Mare Nostrum you could read the Wikipedia (obviously Dr. Watson), the Barcelona Supercomputer Centre webpage (or see the photo gallery). They even have a Youtube channel with interesting videos.

Mare Nostrum is inside a building that it used to be a chapel (this is very unique among the super computers). The guided tour last a bit more than an hour. It consist on a video, see the super computer, explain a few facts, questions and answers to the engineer, another video and then there is a small museum of previous Mare Nostrum computers.

If you are or go to Barcelona it’s really interesting and worth the visit (if you are into computers).

In order to request a guided tour please visit the Visits to the BSC webpage. Enjoy!

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