Python UK Conference 2014: very personal point of view

Like in 2013 I attended the Pycon-UK conference in Coventry. Amazing conference, I went to many talks with different topics: Python itself, high performance Python, testing software, some more social talks, the always interesting lightning talks, etc.

I could write about many of the talks but some people are already doing it in the PostConf Wiki page.

For the second year the conference happens on the Open House London weekend (which is not great, since I have to miss it) and the conference, for second year, is on my birthday.

Last year I thought “oh no, the conference on my birthday?!”. But actually I’m getting used to it, and it’s not too bad.

I spend the birthday with some friends who come to the conference… and many other Python developers, all of them are nice. In a way, I consider the Python-UK my very personal birthday present that I buy for myself.

I also buy some chocolates to enjoy with friends. Next year I might get some more sweets to share more widely after the dinner, this year I didn’t have enough I think.

I would like to say thank you to tall the organizers, sponsors and also the delegates themselves to make this conference quite special! The fact that the schedule is on a Wiki and organized partially on the Wiki shows how open it is.

Anyway, next confirmed conference: FOSDEM!

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