A few things that I observed in China

In China I tried to keep my eyes open as much as I could. I also have my camera handy all the time to try to take pictures of things that I see and that I don’t want to forget.

A few things that I observed and that I haven’t seen much in other places…

Chinese sit to take breaks in a squatting position
I saw many people using their phones or just resting in a squat position (almost sitting on the floor). I can’t stay in that position for long time, but it seems that the Chinese can.

I have the theory that they are used to that position a bit more than Westerners because they have quite a lot of toilets that are only a hole on the ground (without a toilet seat) so they are more experienced in making this position.

A Chinese woman said to me that she knew some Westerners that had to take breaks when using the toilet! Like a few minutes squatting, then standing up, then squat again!

On the underground: Chinese use mobiles
I saw many people using their phones on the underground… but I realized when I was back in London that Chinese don’t read newspapers on the underground! They don’t seem to have anything like “Metro” or “Evening Standard” (free newspapers). Also, some people read books but I’d say that there are fewer than in London.

They walk backwards (for exercise)
Every now and then, specially in parks, I saw people walking backwards. I asked why: they think that it’s good for the health, specially if it’s on a slope.

I tried it and I have to say… I liked it! I could feel that I used different muscles than walking forwards.

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