Workshops and tutorials in a conference

Months ago I went to the ACCU 2015. I already mentioned ACCU 2015 here in How to name things.

One of the sessions that got my attention was “Talking to the suits”. I planned to go. Then I realized that was a workshop and not a talk… and, deep inside me, I thought… “oh no!”. Sometimes I feel more comfortable with a talk, where I can sit and listen (a bit passive).

Anyway, I thought to go there… and is one of the most interesting sessions that I went! Being a workshop made me much more engaged. Next time, instead of avoiding workshops I’ll even prioritize workshops.

Following my own thoughts I went to some more workshops with great success… I was more engaged and used my time even better.

At the ACCU 2015 conference I only went to one tutorial and I didn’t really enjoy it (many other people didn’t like either). I’m not sure if it was the technologies used, the presenter or the session format (tutorial). I think that the last 2 caused the that I felt disengaged and that I could have just followed a Youtube tutorial and have the same knowledge… and the presenter way of talking was boring.

Thinking more about it: a tutorial could be replaced with videos quite easily. And a workshop can’t be replaced at all (needs interaction in a team or with the presenter). And a normal talk is a bit in-between.

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