PyCon UK 2015: very good again

A few weeks ago I went to the PyCon UK, in Coventry. I enjoyed the conference very much again! It was my third year.

Like the last 2 years: it was on my birthday. And now I’m really used to it and I’ll miss not being on my birthday next year. First year that I attended the conference and was my birthday I thought that it was a bit weird. In the second year I kind of get used to it. The third year I really enjoyed it, and as usually I had my chocolates to enjoy during the conference (and to share!). And I met VERY interesting people, on my birthday! I’m now thinking that they maybe were my birthday present? Just a coincidence?

Talk wise: interesting talks. I like that many people from the Python Code Dojo go there: the result is that some of the speakers are from the Dojo and I like seeing them because I know them: we’ve done some Dojo / pair programming together. And some of the speakers repeat from previous years so it has a kind of continuity – I know them a little bit or they have follow ups of their projects.

Coventry conference centre is too small for the conference. Next year the conference will be in Cardiff in a bigger place which I’m sure that will be good to have better facilities. Well, Coventry conference centre was easy to reach from London and I could walk from the station without checking maps or anything… Cardiff will be in a new place!

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