Is everything ok? (Restaurant)

per carles

Some weeks ago I went to a French grill nice restaurant. Nice as good food, service, etc. In the City of London. It was a cold Sunday, 1pm, so the restaurant was empty. Later one it was quite full, and I guess that on the working days is completely full (lunch meetings and so on).

Well, we were nicely sitting and we ordered. Of course, the waiters helped us with the wine selection and so on. They were very attentive, smiley waiters.

Then we started eating. They came to ask us “Is everything ok?”. Oh yes, delicious, lovely, thanks!
(nice that they ask. Something could be missing, like black pepper or something else, who knows).

2 minutes later they came to pour water into the glass. Thanks, thanks… this is something that I like to do myself (especially if it’s sparkling water, sometimes some waiters try to pour too fast, they do bubbles and then some gas -that I paid for!- goes away).

Just a bit later they came to ask if everything is ok. -Delicious! -Lovely!

And some more bla bla “Is everything ok?!” YES!!! It’s ok!! I’m talking with my friend!! DELICIOUS! AMAZING!

Because my friend was telling me… “Is everything ok?” YES!! The food doesn’t change taste in 6 minutes! It’s still ok, just a bit colder! THANK YOU! LOVELY DELICIOUS!!

Because, my friend “Is everything ok?!” YES!! It’s amazing, awesome, delicious, lovely, I want to talk with my friend!

At the end, everything was ok!

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  1. xavi ha dit:

    Hi Carles

    There’s people really annoying that (in my opinion) do more harm than good. Eg. In Barcelona, when I’m close to a restaurant and some waiters come to take me inside, is the precise moment I go to another restaurant.

    More related to your example, In some BBQs in Brazil there’s a big “coin” for every table. You can flip the coin and waiters will come with food or serve you drink, flip again and you can talk to your friend.

    Here there’s the same with a yoyo:

  2. Sherry ha dit:

    oh dear…I really hate that! and also wheni o shopping and the salesperson come arround me and ask me alot about what i want! andcountinuing ask and ask…

  3. pintant… » Arxiu » May I have your bag? ha dit:

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