Endau-Rompin jungle and leeches

A few weeks ago I went to Malaysia. My longest holidays ever, first time in Asia.

At one point I didn’t know if I would go to Singapore or to Endau-Rompin jungle. Singapore was easier for me (less adventurous) but I really wanted to have a taste of 2 nights in the jungle. At the end I went to the jungle.

In that jungle everyone knows that it’s full of leeches. Full like… really full! You stand just a moment, watch the ground and you see them coming to you. I’m not joking.

I bought some leeches socks from Amazon. They are very good. When my guide stopped to remove his leeches from his feet, I stopped as well to remove the leeches from my socks. I stayed in the jungle for about 5 hours, no leech got me.

The socks are from a special material (not like normal socks, the leeches would probably go in) and they are worn on your socks and trousres. So you look funny:

Instead of looking disgusting (in my opinion, for my standards, this is the guide’s feet):

(by the way, to him it seems that it’s nothing, like a normal fly. He also used a dirty knife to remove the leeches, not lemon, salt, or anything else like it says on the Internet).

Ah, leech experiment: get one on a table (picnic zone). The guide was far away. The leech was coming to me. I went to the other side of the table… and the leech was smelling me and coming to me. I repeated many times, to the different sides of the table, and the leech always followed me.

5 comments to Endau-Rompin jungle and leeches

  • Lucian

    And tonight you will dream that the leech became a monster and ate you alive! Bwahaha!

    Jokes apart, interesting they have such a strong sense of smell..

  • No jokes: in the past I’ve dreamt about worms (when in a flat in Barcelona about 50 worms started coming from the garden through the laminated floor. I recall that I also dreamt about mice when I had mice in that garden.

    I was expecting to dream about leeches, it didn’t happen.

    What happen, “only”, is that at home I’ve seen leeches and was maybe a bit of chocolate or something else from the same size.

    Mmm… maybe I should do a screensaver of leeches? or just leeches walking on the screen while I’m working?

  • Lucian

    LOL. oh yeah, that would definitely increase your productivity! 🙂

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  • Anna

    Aja!! You didn’t tell me about the ‘Leech Experiment’ from different angles of the table!! Sounds scary and it’s definitely a turn-off to roam around in a jungle -.-‘. But nah, no biggie, since I have that magic socks too!! yayy!

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