Chocolate and your sex life

Some years ago I went to a standup comedy/sex class (The Sexual Misery) of Wolfgang Weinberger (you could follow him in Ents24). I signed up there for his weekly newsletter where he answers questions from people.

I really like that week question and answer:
Can chocolate ruin your sex life?

On the contrary!
Chocolate has a euphoric impact on the body's senses. It releases endorphins, or happy cells, and thus increases sexual appetite.

Women who eat chocolate on a daily basis, particularly dark chocolates rich in cocoa (personally, I recommend 70% cocoa, mmmhhhmmm!) have reported a much more satisfying sex life than their non-indulging counterparts in a recent study in Italy.

BTW, the above, as any of the pearls of wisdom which come from me on a weekly basis, could have been answered with common sense rather than my scientific mumbo-jumbo: We all know that chocolate, wine and dance usually have a favorable effect on other bodily cravings.
Which is why men tend to bring a box of chocolate as a darling little gift for their date rather than a healthy head of lettuce.

I really like how he answers the questions. The image of someone going to a date with a lettuce: brilliant!

But, PLEASE NOTE: if I ever gave chocolate to you maybe it’s not that I’m hitting on you or I’m trying to improve your sex life: it could be related with the previous entry: How to buy happiness. In case of doubt: ask me!

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