TED talk: how to buy happiness

One of this talks that when you finish watching you really want to share, scream, Tweet!:

In short: explains how to invest money to be more happy. At the end, and with some constraints: spend money to make other people happy makes oneself happier. A small present, invite a friend to something, a donation to some organization. I’d add non-money presents: share some food, some information, a link to a good website, theatre recommendations, etc…

And yes, in my case it’s true: giving or sharing chocolate (or other things): makes people happy… which makes me happy! (else maybe I would not share it).

I would also like to say: giving things to certain people makes me happy than to other people. It’s hard to explain why, but it’s something like who appreciates it more or less, who gets more excited…

2 years ago I wrote about another TED talk (different topic, but interesting): Clifford Stoll.. By the way, I remember that I shared the TED talk with some friends who got happy… and made me happy too!

Be Happy!!

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