Fosdem 2013

This year I also went to Fosdem.. It has been my 8th Fosdem, and I keep saying that it is Amazing! It’s the biggest Free Software conference in Europe (more than 5000 attendees).

Nice talks, about 20 at the same time, different topics (from distributions to Ada language, from Voice over IP to LibreOffice…).

They also have Lightning Talks, where sometimes I just go to have different overviews about different topics. When I’m late for something else or I cannot go to some talks because they are packed I go there to see the Lightning Talks. Because they last only 15 minutes even if it’s not good it is not too bad either 🙂

And it’s in Belgium. Nice chocolate, good beer (whoever likes beer), the Fosdem T-Shirt, mussels and French fries, comics, etc. just be careful with the weather: sometimes it has been very cold! Some other years not so cold.

Sometimes I like to attend some talks about unknown topics. Instead of attending some Python talk sometimes I go to some Ada ones. It’s interesting to have different points of view in whatever the topic is, or see how other projects tackles some specific problems.

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