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Sometimes I say to friends: if I appear in your dreams, please let me know. I understand that it’s my friend’s dreams and there are some privacy issues. But at the same time it’s my image appearing there, so maybe I have the right to know what my image is doing in other people’s dreams.

Also, and I guess that related to the birthday paradox, if someone comments on their dreams characters someone else in the same conversation could have had some similar characters.

Years ago we were having lunch in the office. I said to Steve “you appeared in my dream!” (in the dream Steve and I were trying to fix a plugin related problem in Sebastian’s computer).

And at the same night Steve dreamt about me! (I was a robot and he was asking me to translate some English to Spanish). And someone else dreamt about Steve or me! (perhaps it was Sebastian, but I’m not sure about it).

I find that it’s nice to know these coincidences, no?

Also, I like free software, Creative Commons, etc. so “free dreams” or “open dreams” could be the next step. Share Your Dreams, perhaps tag people there… maybe it’s a nice idea for a Facebook application? Or a new webpage where you could tag the friends that you are dreaming often, they could get a notification, etc. well, maybe the web thing is a bit creepy, but at least a quick oral notification would be nice, no?

So, if I appear in your dreams: please, let me know. Thank you!

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