I wish to have an e-shelf

I’ve been using my e-reader (Kobo Glo) for aproximately one year now.. I’m very happy with the purchase! I find it very convenient, I explained in the other post (in Catalan).

There is one thing that I’ll miss if everybody uses e-readers. I really like to browse book shelves when I’m invited to someone’s house. I like to see which books I’ve read, or the same author. Or the same style. Or get ideas for new books, feedback of other possible books. Since we are a bit what we read, it’s a way to know the host a little bit more.

If using an e-reader this is not possible, or not possible in the same way. I’m sure that it’s possible using some webs (upload the list of read books, rates and comments). But this is not so natural like browsing the real shelf, pulling a book and asking “so, what do you think?”.

My two suggestions:

  • re-use the TV (for example) to show the electronic shelf, or…
  • create a new device, perhaps with electronic ink, and show the books there: the power consumption would be very low, and this could be hanging on the wall. Or could be just in front of some furniture and use the furniture for something else.

    I hope that someone will create it! (I just Googled and I haven’t found it… yet).

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