Sunday Assembly Crowdfunding

Short version: Sunday Assembly (congregation without God) is crowdfunding to build a better website / other activites. You can donate.

In London I’ve been to different ceremonies: Catholic, Orthodox, Christian, Budhist, Protestant, etc. I like to see the churches/temples, how they conduct the ceremony, their traditions, how attendants behave, etc.

In one of my visits I discovered they talked, in a quite negatively way, about “The Sunday Assembly”. Two comedians have started a new congregation without God. This consists of the things of some ceremonies (music, tea, social, etc.) without the God or cult.

It really interested me. Also, the co-founder Sanderson Jones, comperes Sunday Assembly and feel free to donate! Donating will help to build the website that will put together people to sing and share things, so it’s a good donation.

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