Scarborough and East Coast

Two months ago I went to Scarborough. Nice time to finally see someone from Scarborough Linux User Group: Catux and Scarborough group are “sister LUGS”.

We used to chat in the Catux mailing list in 2005 and 2006. 8 years later we met eachother. Amazing!

On the way there one of the trains got delayed so I missed the connection and arrived in Scarborough 1 hour late. Not a big deal because arriving Friday at 9pm or 10pm is not so big a difference. Obviously it could be a problem if it was on the way to the airport or something else.

Two years ago I tried to get an East Coast refund, but the train was late only 28 minutes and the minimum is 30 min. Going back to the station I actually wished that was 31 minutes late and not 28…

Well, this time East Coast refunded 50% of the return ticket because it was 1 hour late, which made me very happy! Actually I think that I would prefer to arrive 1 hour late and get 50% back of an expensive ticket (it was 114 GBP return). So I got 70 GBP, yay!

Unrelated but after this I acquired a free return ticket from London to Brussels for the next Fosdem: the Eurostar was more than 1 hour late (or was 1.5 h?) coming back from the last Fosdem. Good times for refunds.

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