Python UK Conference 2013

Last month I went to the Python UK Conference 2013, in Coventry. It was a very interesting conference! It was my first time there. It’s a conference where the delegates really help organize it with talks, chairing sessions, etc. (all voluntarily).

I learned quite a lot: about Python and software engineering in general. Many talks were using Python as a language but the background was general software engineering such as unit tests, design, etc.

I’m really looking forward to going again next year. Almost all the Python Code Dojo crew were there so was interesting to see them again.

There are some links to blog posts.

Ah, I should mention: on Sunday there was a Raspberryjam: another building was full of kids with their parents playing with Raspberry pis and computers. To see nice 9 year old kids typing in the command line was priceless! And to see their faces!

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