Fosdem 2014

Recently I came back from Fosdem 2014. This has been my 9th Fosdem – and I hope that many more will come!

I don’t want to write about what I saw at Fosdem: it took about 5 hours of non-stop work to do a work report (based on the notes that I took there). And I don’t want to do a copy-paste because mostly all the stuff that I wrote is relevant only for the Mendeley Desktop team but not many other people.

If you couldn’t make it:

If you are interested in free software (distributions, compilers, tools, software, system administrator): you will find something there: there are 22 tracks at the same time!

Also, the organization is amazing. And it’s free! Some rooms get full: a good opportunity to learn something new and unexpected, go to the Lightning talks or the hacker room… and catch up later using the videos.

So, once again: Thank you to Fosdem organizers and delegates!

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