CSL project Mendeley contributions

Everything that I write here on Pintant is my own personal opinion – it’s not my employer’s point of view.

As many people here know here I work at Mendeley, in the Desktop team, designing and implementing Mendeley Desktop. Good fun! (seriously!).

One of the things that Mendeley Desktop can do and that I usually work on citations and bibliographies. We have plugins for Microsoft Word, LibreOffice, … I’m in charge of the integration with the CSL styles from the citation styles project.

Mendeley has collaborated with the citation styles project in different ways:

  • Different bug reports / unit tests to citeproc-js (since September 2010 I reckon). We were the first implementors of citeproc-js so we found some edge cases here and there
  • We created the CSL Visual Editor (December 2012) (github project)
  • Added 2000 styles into the CSL project (May 2013). And ongoing maintenance.
  • We made a donation of $5000 (January 2014)

And there are some other contributions in the pipe line… fingers crossed.

It makes me really happy that my employer gives me some time to collaborate with CSL projects (indeed, our goals are aligned). And assigns resources from other departments when needed, and the donation was a bit the cherry on the cake.

I came to Mendeley from the free software world and the days that I can work contributing to free software projects at work are doubly rewarding!

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