Fosdem 2014 – my history since 2006

And once more, I went to Fosdem! One of the best conferences, if not the best, about Free Software.

It has been my 9th time in a row. Interestingly Fosdem reflects a few things of my evolution:

  • My interests. The last 9 years my interests changed: for a few years I was very interested in system administrator. Nowadays not as much as before, I only do for hobby. For a while I worked on the Voice Over IP business and in that time Asterisk, VoIP, Mysql were my main interests. Nowadays I develop Mendeley Desktop, a desktop application. My interests shifted to QA, talks about desktop applications, etc.
  • The first year I slept in a youth hostel, far away from the centre, with my sleeping bag. This has been improving -better hotels to the centre- until this year I was in a single room paid by my employer. Finally a dream came true!
  • Waffles. The first year I ate the waffles standing up. It was -5ºC approximately so the hot chocolate freeze. For already a few years I’m eating the waffles in the way that should be eaten: sitting, with a knife and a fork.
  • I always used paper and pen to select the talks. This year I used an application on my Nexus 5 that made my life quite easier! I used Giggity – I like the view more than some other ones.

And Fosdem: ever year is amazing! If I ever had an IT company I would subsidize all my employees to go there. And if someone doesn’t want to go… well… I’m not sure what I would think!

The videos are being uploaded to the Fosdem webpage: time to catch up a few talks that I missed. 22 talks at the same time can be a bit stressful.

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