Smartphone applications: least common and high impact

Some months ago I bought my first real smart phone. Previously I had a Nokia 5800 XPressMusic. At the time it was a smartphone but now it’s quite behind the latest phones.

When I bought mine I asked a few friends which applications they use, how they do some tasks, etc. and I did some Internet research too. Here I’ll write some of my favourite applications, the ones that they had more impact on how I do some tasks. It might be useful to someone!

  • OsmAnd. Open Street Map Android. It’s a street/road map application, based on Open Street Maps and can be used offline. I download the countries that I visit so I have all the country available offline. The user interface or searching for streets or Points of Interest is not as easy/comfortable as using Google Maps but the offline capacity is very convenient (and I escape a bit from Google, they have already enough information from me).
  • OruxMaps. A few hours ago I arrived from another hike using OruxMaps: really good for hiking! You can download maps offline, handle GPX/KML routes, lots of assistance for the hike, stats, directions… seriously recommended! I can focus more on the walking, nature, landscape and less focus on where to go, where to turn, how far are we, etc.
  • K-9 Mail. This is the email application that I use. It’s free as opensource (Apache License). I don’t use GMail for my personal email and I find this application very convenient. And not Google based. I also use the PushWidget for K-9 to disable/enable email notifications easily.
  • In my recent trip to Japan where I used many hotels: it was very convenient to use, I had a list of hotels handy, the price, maps, conditions… In the past I used to print all of this (spending ink, paper, time preparing the things).

I use other applications too… but I think that these ones are the least known ones and that have been more most useful so far.

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  • xavi

    Hi Carles

    I started using K-9 since your post 😉

    Other apps I would like to comment:

    First F-Droid to install free software apps. The rest of apps can be downloaded from F-Droid:

    • xkcdViewer: To View XKCD
    • OpenDocument Reader
    • Telegram
    • AnySoftKeyboard: has catalan support
    • ShoLi: manage shopping list, easy to add old items to the shopping list
    • Who Has My Stuff: a must if friends have lots of your things
    • About games, currently I’m playing Pixel Dungeon and Hoplite, but they are not free 🙁

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