Japan culture in my life

Last month I went to Japan. What a trip! I really liked it! 2 weeks in Japan, from Tokyo all the way to the south. There are lot of blogs, books, information about Japan and it’s easy to understand why (so different and interesting culture).

When I was there I realised how Japanese culture influenced me… and not because I was a fan of Japanese culture, but because things that I always liked happened to be part of Japanese culture.

To mention a few:

  • When I was a kid I was a big fan of Dragon Ball (like many of my friends). Not because it’s Japanese… but because I liked it.
  • I have very good memories of Karate Kid movie, when I was a kid I watched it a few times.
  • Do you see the header of this blog? There is a Japanese abacus (called soroban). Xavi, Eli and I have one of these, we studied a little bit how to use.
  • Xavi and I bought a bonsai for Eli. And I had a bonsai project.
  • Since I was a kid I really like to have a bath. Japanese are crazy for baths! At every home where I stayed in Japan they prepared a bath, when I was there every time I thought “I really like Japanese culture”.
  • I like sushi. I usually say that sushi and salads are the only two foods that I could eat every day and to get tired of it. Obviously, sushi is from Japan.
  • Punctuality… Japanese trains and everything are known for being punctual. Those who know me will acknowledge that I like being punctual and I like punctual people

So, without being a follower of Japanese culture it seems that the Japanese culture followed my taste?

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