Delete photos on the way

I like taking photos. Not all the time, and I don’t ask all the time my travel-mates to pose for me… but I take photos now and then while travelling.

I very rarely delete photos using the camera. If it’s a bad photo (or if I think that it’s not good enough) I take quickly another one… but usually I don’t delete the previous one. Why? Because at that moment I’m enjoying the landscape and the experience. I take the photo at that precise moment because I can’t postpone taking the photo for 2 weeks because the view is gone. But I can delete the photo later on or when I’m back home.

Also, I find deleting photos on the computer better: it’s a bigger screen to see the details of the photo and I can sit comfortably at home… instead of using the camera with a much smaller screen, often in a place with sun or cold.

A few weeks ago my travel mate was taking photos and every now and then she was spending 5 or 10 minutes reviewing the photos… instead of enjoying the new landscape (when we were in a car). Come on!! She could have reviewed the photos at home with the laptop, so why was she missing 5 or 10 minutes of new landscape reviewing the photos of the previous 30 minutes? Why was she looking at the photos of the last hour instead of enjoying the new 10 minutes?

I asked why but I didn’t get any sensible answer… or at least not sensible following my logic. Perhaps it was for her.

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