Designing a sport

Let’s say, as an exercise, that I want to design a new sport. I would start with a list of requirements:

  • It should be possible to practise it indoors (so I can play regardless of the weather). Playing outdoors should be possible but not mandatory.
  • It should be an individual sport, so a team is not expecting me on a certain date. If desired, it could be played with a partner.
  • The game should require some thinking and strategy, not only physical effort.
  • The equipment should be easy to carry (in a backpack for example).
  • The equipment should be affordable.
  • Everyone should be able to play it, no matter what age, physical conditions, etc.
  • It should be fun to play, challenging, etc.

Should I think hard to design a game like this? Or just keep playing table tennis? I think that I’ll keep playing, it meets all the requirements. The only potential problem is that it always requires a partner (yes, a robot is also a partner) but it’s part of the fun!

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