My tenth Fosdem: 2015

A few weekends ago I went to Fosdem… again! It was my tenth Fosdem, I’ve been every year since 2006! I’ve mentioned it here on the blog almost every year.

And, like always: full of interesting talks, some devrooms were full which affected me for the automation and testing room and almost for the Mozilla room. But with about 25 talks at the same time it’s easy to find something else interesting and not full.

Also, I could meet or greet many friends from Catalonia and also other friends from the UK (Mendeley ex-colleagues, London Python Code Dojo guys… not to mention a few work colleagues).

One interesting moment of Fosdem 2015 was to see Larry Wall, the creator of Perl. I used Perl for a few years, more than 10 years ago. Nowadays I prefer Python but even though nowadays I prefer Python my first scripting language was Perl. And finally there will be Perl 6 before Christmas 2015! (Larry Wall said).

A very entertaining talk was the closing keynote about Mars One – a project where they want to send 4 people, in 2015, to live on Mars. It’s one-way ticket and they plan to keep sending 4 people every year to have a stable population on Mars. I find it unbelievable!

Then I also attended many talks in the LibreOffice room, Mozilla room, desktop, etc.

And because I’ve been to Fosdem before I usually know which speakers I like the most, and which ones I don’t like much (some of then repeat). One of them that I try to go regardless of the topic is Michal Meeks: his talks about LibreOffice (usually opimization, technical debt, etc.) are always interesting.

And now is the countdown for the next Fosdem!

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