Mendeley CSL Locales

I don’t talk often of my day job at Mendeley here… but this time I can’t stop myself.

Finally, Mendeley Desktop supports CSL Locales! In Mendeley we use the Citation Style Language and citeproc-js to render the citations and the bibliographies. A year ago I talked here about the CSL project (what is the CSL project? and how Mendeley helps the CSL project).

Now, in Mendeley Desktop version 1.13.4, the user can choose easily (View -> Citation Styles -> More Styles… bottom of that dialog) which language should be used to render the citations and the bibliography. I opened the internal Mendeley Desktop ticket in 2010 but we always had something more urgent to implement. We even decided to implement journal abbreviations before CSL Locales.

But I added gettext support to Pydance (in 2008 or 2009) and I implemented gettext support in Grub (back in 2009 and 2010). I talk about Mendeley with non-English users (especially when I travel back to Barcelona…) and I really wanted to implement the CSL Locales properly (we had a work around, not user friendly at all, for people who contacted support).

Anyway, I’m very happy that I got the time to implement it and finally release it! Even though this is just a step towards a better multilingual support: we’ve found a few problems with the Chinese locale and some styles might need a bit of improvement for some languages, etc. We need to collect feedback for a while. But here I am, happier than without CSL Locales.

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