Coses del català

dimarts , 22/04/2014 (23:09) per carles

Li deia a la meva cosineta: si una «taula» petita és una «tauleta»… com és una «monja» petita? «mongeta»!

I un «calçot» petit? «Calçotet!»

I ara he llegit d’una persona que parla català molt bé però que és nadiua d’Estònia: «per què dieu carnisseria, gelateria, peixateria, cansaladeria, etc. però llavors dieu òptica enlloc d’ulleria?» Li confon. A mí em passen coses semblants en anglès! Ara no tinc cap exemple…

Llengües… que xules!

Programmers on their knees

diumenge, 13/04/2014 (17:06) per carles

A colleague maintains the webpage Programmers on their knees. I really like it! Many of the pictures are from our office. I’m featured in a few places.

The Expert (short comedy video)

diumenge, 06/04/2014 (20:21) per carles

I really liked this video:

Some myths of Japanese culture

diumenge, 30/03/2014 (21:34) per carles

Many things are written about Japanese culture. So many things that I thought “I’ll not add more noise for this topic on the Internet” but I found a few things on some webpages, books, etc. that are a bit misleading, so here is my opinion.

I read in many place two things regarding presents: never give 4 things of something (the number 4 is a “bad luck” number for them) and I also read that wrapping the presents nicely is very important. They also say that presents might be initially rejected and that one must insist that the present be taken… and that it will never be opened in front of us. I’ve also read that presents are very important when travelling.
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Japan culture in my life

diumenge, 23/03/2014 (21:05) per carles

Last month I went to Japan. What a trip! I really liked it! 2 weeks in Japan, from Tokyo all the way to the south. There are lot of blogs, books, information about Japan and it’s easy to understand why (so different and interesting culture).

When I was there I realised how Japanese culture influenced me… and not because I was a fan of Japanese culture, but because things that I always liked happened to be part of Japanese culture.
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Smartphone applications: least common and high impact

diumenge, 16/03/2014 (21:05) per carles

Some months ago I bought my first real smart phone. Previously I had a Nokia 5800 XPressMusic. At the time it was a smartphone but now it’s quite behind the latest phones.

When I bought mine I asked a few friends which applications they use, how they do some tasks, etc. and I did some Internet research too. Here I’ll write some of my favourite applications, the ones that they had more impact on how I do some tasks. It might be useful to someone!
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Fosdem 2014 – my history since 2006

dimarts , 04/03/2014 (22:46) per carles

And once more, I went to Fosdem! One of the best conferences, if not the best, about Free Software.

It has been my 9th time in a row. Interestingly Fosdem reflects a few things of my evolution:
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What’s the CSL project

dimarts , 25/02/2014 (22:39) per carles

In the last entry I talked about Mendeley contributions to the CSL project and I’d like now to explain briefly what the CSL project is.

A CSL style is an XML file that follows the specification and it instructs a citation styles engine (e.g. citeproc-js) how to format certain metadata into inline citations and bibliography.
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CSL project Mendeley contributions

dimarts , 18/02/2014 (21:02) per carles

Everything that I write here on Pintant is my own personal opinion – it’s not my employer’s point of view.

As many people here know here I work at Mendeley, in the Desktop team, designing and implementing Mendeley Desktop. Good fun! (seriously!).

One of the things that Mendeley Desktop can do and that I usually work on citations and bibliographies. We have plugins for Microsoft Word, LibreOffice, … I’m in charge of the integration with the CSL styles from the citation styles project.
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Fosdem 2014

dimarts , 11/02/2014 (21:54) per carles

Recently I came back from Fosdem 2014. This has been my 9th Fosdem – and I hope that many more will come!

I don’t want to write about what I saw at Fosdem: it took about 5 hours of non-stop work to do a work report (based on the notes that I took there). And I don’t want to do a copy-paste because mostly all the stuff that I wrote is relevant only for the Mendeley Desktop team but not many other people.

If you couldn’t make it:

If you are interested in free software (distributions, compilers, tools, software, system administrator): you will find something there: there are 22 tracks at the same time!

Also, the organization is amazing. And it’s free! Some rooms get full: a good opportunity to learn something new and unexpected, go to the Lightning talks or the hacker room… and catch up later using the videos.

So, once again: Thank you to Fosdem organizers and delegates!