Chocolate-ware licenses

There is a “free software” license called “Beer license” (or beerware). It doesn’t seem to be recognized as a free software license by theOpen Source Initiative.

In one of the Mendeley hackdays I did a Calibre plugin. I wanted to release it, so it had to have a license. I thought to release with some fun-license like the Beer License. But I don’t really drink beer, so it didn’t make any sense!

Instead of beer, as you may know, I’m a chocolate person. So I adapted the “Beer license” to “Chocolate license”. I changed the text, updated the source code files, etc.

Then I thought… hold on, this is not a super original idea! Let’s Google it! And as you may have guessed: someone else did a license (actually strictly speaking this time is a donation scheme) with a similar concept 🙂 but even nicer, I’d say.

You can read about the terms of usage in SBRelay webpage. The webpage says “All donations of $1 or more are converted directly to chocolate and given to my wife.”. It also says “I’ll make every effort to convert your donations to chocolate and give them to my wife within 48 hours of receiving your donation. I’ll also send an email confirmation back to you, to let you know how it was received (and eaten).”.

It’s really brilliant!!

Russell, the guy in the ChocolateSoftware, replied quickly to my donation saying that “I think you made her day. :-)” and asking if I still use his software (seems not to be maintained for 10 years). Nice!

I don’t use his software, I did the donation to see what happens and also related to this entry: How to buy happiness. I hope that, for them, will be related to Chocolate and your sex life 🙂

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