Bye bye Thinkpad T60

A message for my old IBM Thinkpad T60 laptop: thank you for all your good service! I probably can say that it’s the best laptop that I have ever had and the one that lasted longest (8 years is quite a lot for a laptop!)

In August 2006 I got my previous laptop: an IBM Thinkpad T60. Even though I got it after IBM sold the laptop division to Lenovo it still says IBM Thinkpad. I didn’t know at that time but the laptop became a classic in the laptop world, and many people are building Frankenpads: the case of a T60 or T61 and they change almost all the components (even the screen) to revamp to the current standards. At the moment I don’t plan to have a Frankenpad but who knows in the future (and to be honest, I think that the T60 case is a bit too bulky).

In that 2006 laptop I installed a Debian Sarge that I updated quickly to the Debian Testing that would become Debian Etch. Then I updated it to a Debian Lenny, Squeeze and finally Wheezy (and then since then I kept the system running Debian testing).

Initially I used ReiserFS and then in 2009 I bought a new hard disk (greater capacity) and I moved the system and used XFS and also LUKS to cypher the data.

In 2014 the laptop was becoming quite slow. New webpages required more interaction, photos were bigger, mobiles took more photos, the screen during the last years got dimmer…

So, hello new laptop here!

PS: I haven’t written much here the last weeks… one of the reasons is that I spent time setting up the new laptop, moving the data, etc.

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