Recent change in the blog theme

A few weeks ago I changed this blog’s theme. Since 2006 it had had the same theme, which was getting a bit old, it had fixed width, and it wasn’t using the latest WordPress improvements like it didn’t have support for widgets.

I had a few requirements for the new theme: I wanted a 2 or 3 columns (I think that I need a sidebar for some links and information), I wanted to be able to have the header image since it has a long story behind it (it’s a painting of one of the original authors of the blog), I didn’t want to waste too much space with the heading, I wanted the same colour scheme, I wanted to be responsive. I also wanted a clear typography.

I’m surprised about how good WordPress themes work: there are many to choose from, they all work in all versions of WordPress. I found a few that look “almost like I wanted” but they had some problem, usually they had only one column or the header wasn’t as I wanted (I wanted to re-use the heading that I had, and responsive themes like to have the heading and then the text underneath instead of on it).

Anyway, I finally decided to use Atahualpa. It’s very customizable. I made the heading smaller and instead of the way that used to be I moved the text next to the image… it was the only way that I could make it all fit. It seems that Atahualpa even if it’s a modern theme I changed a bit to a retro looking, in the good way of retro. After a few weeks I can say that I like it, even though it was hard to decide the theme.

For historical purposes find a screenshot of the old theme:
Pintant - old - theme

3 comments to Recent change in the blog theme

  • xavi

    Hello Carles

    The problem with the new theme is the width of the displayed text. It’s difficult to read on wide screens. I’m used to browse with Firefox maximized and with the new theme I need to unmaximize the window.
    It seems a theme for T60, not for T440s. By the way, I’m writing you using a M92Z.

    In my opinion, a “maximum width” adjustment will be nice.

    See you soon ūüėČ

  • He posat maximum-width de 1000px, a veure si es veu millor!

  • xavi

    Width is better now, thanks!

    IMHO font size is quite small


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