Git git

Do you know what’s the name of this waterfall?


Its name is Git Git:


And do you know where is it?

In Indonesia (Bali island). It’s just a coincidence that it’s named like the “Git software“. But it seems that Indonesia has many names related to software, like Java.

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  • Ya, ya. Which edition? I don’t read those crappy Sumerian/English versions. It’s Wormius all the way, bay-bee!PS what the hell is that Chalmers expedition thing? Looks intriguing but there’s nothing to link it directly to Lovecraft.

  • I have been tittering between feeling like a crack head and a zombie for the past 3 days. One minute I feel like jumping out of my skin (restless, jittery, antsy, and can only sleep for an hour) then next I feel like “nothing” (no appetite, tired, foggy, blank). Don’t really like this med, may try something different. Oh yeah…the stomach problems are fantastic too…sigh!

  • Ui, in meinen Kindheitstagen waren wir mit der Familie meiner Cousine im Schwarzwald im Urlaub und meine Cousine war ein riesengroßer DM Fan. Die Musik lief fast den ganzen Tag. Wir teilten ein Zimmer.Liebe GrüßeSusanne

  • Thank you, Christian! I like your point that all these innovations are imbued with the late 80′s spirit of thinking in delimitable tools and methods. And actually this might be one of the reasons why surveytainment has never taken off – although I would consider it a real innovation in questionnaire design. There is no single tool or product, but a bunch of principles to gradually enhance questionnaires. And you’re right: even here it’s easier to sell single question types than the general principles behind them. I find it a little unsettling…

  • That’s a shrewd answer to a tricky question

  • yes you can configure the plugin to work like that. There is a feature in eMember called “secondary membership”. When you enable this feature every time a member purchases a new membership it goes to his/her profile and that person can access content from all these different memberships that he/she purchased.What is the limitiations on the number of accounts that can be sub membership accounts (secondary). I need a solution for a company that will buy memberships for its agents.

  • Superb information here, ol’e chap; keep burning the midnight oil.

  • I’m not easily impressed but you’ve done it with that posting.

  • My lovely wife were in southwestern Pennsylvania a few years ago and thought it was lovely. Indeed, in many details of climate and terrain, it is very similar to Northwest Arkansas.

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