Kiiking is an extreme sport that started off in Estonia in 1997 by inventor Ado Kosk. In Estonian language “Kiik” means a swing. In a kiiking, the swing arms are made of steel to enable a person to swing 360 degrees going over the spindle of the swing. Currently the highest swing that people have really been able to take over the cross bar, is 7m and 2cm by Estonian guy Andrus Aasmäe. (


Kiiking is nothing new for the Estonians. Allegedly the first sport picture in Estonia was painted already in the beginning of the 19th century, and this was a picture about a guy swinging with a wooden swing over the top bar.


Now the swings are made of metal and more attention is being paid to the safety issues of the sport. The swinger’s hands and feet are tied in order to prevent him from getting injured.

Currently this is really an Estonian sport. At the same time also foreign people have tried it out here, but the results haven’t been too impressive. Estonians themselves have managed to get listed in the Guiness book of records with the result of 7.02. Finnish record is 5.01, France 4.0, Italy 4.50, USA 5.31, Latvia 4.41. So there’s still lots of room for improvement in every side of the sport.

It is a sport for the true adrenaline enthusiasts who respect the extreme sides of life..Imagine yourself 12 meters high, your eyes staring at the top bar of the swing from above. You have just stopped in that position for couple of seconds and you’re about to swing down again any second.

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