Hack Days at Mendeley: Elsevier Connect post

Some readers might find the Hack Days at Mendeley: What? Why? How? interesting.

I explained there what we do, how we organize, etc.

Python Code Dojo in the Bank of America: cool!

In June 2009 I moved to London, and shortly afterwards the London Python Code Dojo started (in September).

I’ve already written about the Dojo here (in Catalan, see my personal point of view and how it’s organized posts).

It’s one of my favourite activities here in London – very rewarding, interesting, etc.

We don’t have […]

API and UX

In my daily job I develop a desktop application. I work on the full stack of this application: from back-end services (network, sqlite,…) to front-end (buttons, transparencies, etc.) and everything that I need in the middle.

Different teams help us. One of them is UX: User eXperience: they think about the whole user experience: what […]

Programmers on their knees

A colleague maintains the webpage Programmers on their knees. I really like it! Many of the pictures are from our office. I’m featured in a few places.

The Expert (short comedy video)

I really liked this video:

Smartphone applications: least common and high impact

Some months ago I bought my first real smart phone. Previously I had a Nokia 5800 XPressMusic. At the time it was a smartphone but now it’s quite behind the latest phones.

When I bought mine I asked a few friends which applications they use, how they do some tasks, etc. and I did some […]

Read Lang webpage

Just a quick link: if you are learning a language you might be interested in Read Lang webpage. Steve Ridout, an ex-Mendeleyan, is building it and making very good progress.

I could explain things here but it’s easier if you go and have a look. It will especially help you to read and understand texts, […]

I’m happy to have WordPress autoupdaes

I’m really happy that WordPress implemented WordPress autoupdates, a few months ago.

I have this blog since 2006, 7 years ago. When possible, I’ve always applied the WordPress updates from the dashboard, many times, during many years, without any issue (bear in mind that I hardly use any plugin in this website).

Long time ago […]

Qt Developer Days – Dan Dodge keynote

Some time ago I went to the Qt Developer Days 2013 (Berlin).

I could write many things about that conference. For instance, George and I wrote about 5 pages to report back to our team with the summary of different talks and so on.

But here I just want to mention: one of the keynotes […]

The Big Bang Theory: Bernadette song

Bernadette song: The Big Bang Theory

This is one of the top-10 moments of The Big Bang Theory:

I liked the lyrics, the singing… everything!

And after this song I had to go and listen to some of the songs of Helen Arney, such as:

As you might know I like Festival of […]