Internet in China: experience from a visitor

On my recent trip in China I used the Internet. I knew of the Chinese Firewall but I didn’t investigate much before going there. I just thought… I hope that I’ll have access to my small VPS server or to my home computer using ssh and from there I can just use SOCKS or something […]

A few things that I observed in China

In China I tried to keep my eyes open as much as I could. I also have my camera handy all the time to try to take pictures of things that I see and that I don’t want to forget.

A few things that I observed and that I haven’t seen much in other places…


Benches app (for iPhone)

Finally the app is live! Available for iPhone users! You can find the benches near you! Get it from the iTunes store.

A friend of mine from eVolutive and I (more him than me) have create an app for iPhone where you can find benches near you. It uses the data from Open Street Map.


Two surprises from China

My recent trip to China was all very good… and I had two good surprises due to some misconceptions.

I liked the food I was in China for 2 full weeks and… I liked the food! Actually, I didn’t get bored with the food. One reason is that I was very well guided to the […]

Table tennis in China

When I came back from China a few friends asked me: did you play table tennis? How it was?

Well, I think that this was the biggest failure of my trip. I didn’t play! I didn’t see them playing! And I tried, quite hard!

As mentioned, I have a friend in Dalian (north-East China) and […]

Top 10 things to avoid in Beijing… or not?

Recently I came back from China. I stayed there 2 weeks, about one week in Dalian (because of a friend) and another in Beijing. It has been an eye-opening experience: I had many misconceptions of China for different reasons -I’ll explain in another blog post.

I bought a Beijing’s guide and I really recommend it. […]

Some myths of Japanese culture

Many things are written about Japanese culture. So many things that I thought “I’ll not add more noise for this topic on the Internet” but I found a few things on some webpages, books, etc. that are a bit misleading, so here is my opinion.

I read in many place two things regarding presents: never […]

Japan culture in my life

Last month I went to Japan. What a trip! I really liked it! 2 weeks in Japan, from Tokyo all the way to the south. There are lot of blogs, books, information about Japan and it’s easy to understand why (so different and interesting culture).

When I was there I realised how Japanese culture influenced […]

Scarborough and East Coast

Two months ago I went to Scarborough. Nice time to finally see someone from Scarborough Linux User Group: Catux and Scarborough group are “sister LUGS”.

We used to chat in the Catux mailing list in 2005 and 2006. 8 years later we met eachother. Amazing!

On the way there one of the trains got delayed […]

I don’t want to be a domesticated dromedary

In my recent trip to Morocco I went to some dunes by… dromedary (so, a camel with only one hump).

The guide said that usually the dromedaries cannot be driven (guided) like a horse. Actually the typical desert image is a person walking and then camels following the person (there is always one walker).

I […]