Mapnik, osmosis, MongoDB bbox queries

Recently I’ve done a few tests querying data (POIs, Points of Interest) from Open Street Map. I imported the data from OSM into different databases and formats and I wanted to query it.

I’ll show 3 queries: from MongoDB, from PostgreSQL (tables using Osmosis format), from PostgreSQL (tables using osm2psql format).

POIs from MongoDB

I […]

Python UK Conference 2014: very personal point of view

Like in 2013 I attended the Pycon-UK conference in Coventry. Amazing conference, I went to many talks with different topics: Python itself, high performance Python, testing software, some more social talks, the always interesting lightning talks, etc.

I could write about many of the talks but some people are already doing it in the PostConf […]

I want this application to have this option. Found a patch. I did it 2 years ago?

Yesterday I upgraded my Debian distribution. I usually use Debian Testing but I don’t run apt-get upgrade frequently. Many years ago, when I was studying, I used to do it every day but nowadays I do it a few times a year.

Yesterday I upgraded the system and I got a new Firefox version, LibreOffice […]

Fosdem 2014 – my history since 2006

And once more, I went to Fosdem! One of the best conferences, if not the best, about Free Software.

It has been my 9th time in a row. Interestingly Fosdem reflects a few things of my evolution:


What is the CSL project?

In the last entry I talked about Mendeley contributions to the CSL project and I’d like now to explain briefly what the CSL project is.

A CSL style is an XML file that follows the specification and it instructs a citation styles engine (e.g. citeproc-js) how to format certain metadata into inline citations and bibliography.


CSL project Mendeley contributions

Everything that I write here on Pintant is my own personal opinion – it’s not my employer’s point of view.

As many people here know here I work at Mendeley, in the Desktop team, designing and implementing Mendeley Desktop. Good fun! (seriously!).

One of the things that Mendeley Desktop can do and that I usually […]

Fosdem 2014

Recently I came back from Fosdem 2014. This has been my 9th Fosdem – and I hope that many more will come!

I don’t want to write about what I saw at Fosdem: it took about 5 hours of non-stop work to do a work report (based on the notes that I took there). And […]

I’m happy to have WordPress autoupdaes

I’m really happy that WordPress implemented WordPress autoupdates, a few months ago.

I have this blog since 2006, 7 years ago. When possible, I’ve always applied the WordPress updates from the dashboard, many times, during many years, without any issue (bear in mind that I hardly use any plugin in this website).

Long time ago […]

Python UK Conference 2013

Last month I went to the Python UK Conference 2013, in Coventry. It was a very interesting conference! It was my first time there. It’s a conference where the delegates really help organize it with talks, chairing sessions, etc. (all voluntarily).

I learned quite a lot: about Python and software engineering in general. Many talks […]

MultiBit on Debian Wheezy: “Connecting…” instead of “Online”

I installed MultiBit (a Bitcoin client) on my Debian Wheezy. I didn’t know much about Bitcoin so I thought that I’ll install and play around about with it.

I installed Multibit using the “Linux/Unix Installer” (see the instructions).

I ran MultiBit but it didn’t connect to the network. The bottom-left status message always said Connecting… […]